we only have today.

hello all.  how are ya?

today patrick and i were planning on going to the beach- watch hill, ri-  one of my favorite places in the world!

we were looking at the weather and it said 'mostly cloudy' so we were like... hmmm should we go or should we not?

this morning, pat and i woke up a little later than planned, but still wanted to beach it up!  however, i had to get an oil change first.  so i headed to the collinsville quick lube- and it was closed.  unsure why...  so i went to advanced auto in canton.  it was kinda pricey for no reason, whatevs, and i went to pay with my debit card.  my debit card was declined!

first of all-  always embarrassing to get your card rejected, and second i know i have $$!  so wtf man?!  (i was also feeling kinda embarrassed cause my car has sooo much dog hair in it- oops, but this was forgotten as my card was swiped 3 times to be declined over and over.)

i called my bank and found i had -$75!!!  what?!  i went home, long story short, learned someone hacked into my card and spent around $600 on truphone, adt, etc.  i cried and felt pissed and violated.  and i'm mad 'cause i'm going to california tomorrow with no debit card or $... so i gotta figure that out. : /

pat and i decided maybe today wasn't the best beach day and i didn't want to go with no $, so we decided stay-cation we would.  honestly, it doesn't even matter where we go, i am so happy and peaceful just to be around patrick and liam.

so the 3 of us went to petco to get liam his favorite yoghund frozen yogurt, then we got some decent red wine.   hehe we are like poor ghetto people.  we poured the red wine in a water bottle in the car and drank some on the way to whole foods.  tiny dancer came on the radio and we turned it up loud while passing the red in the water bottle back and forth.  pat and i laughed as we thought- this is our vacation day together.  declined cards, wine in a water bottle, and shitty music on the radio.  at whole foods we ate a tasty lunch and i'm happy to say patrick has become a kale convert- he loves it- so that's a plus.

pat and i bought some food to make for dinner tonight, then on the way home i stopped in the bank to get a new card and last i popped into bed bath and beyond to buy some vacuum cleaner bags to clean our hairy house and my furry car.  now this is living!

haha, and i must go now as we are going to do take a dip in the reservoir and throw some sticks for liam to fetch in the still waters.

no pics for today :(  sorry.  thought that was kinda ironic too, that this semi-crap day is undocumented visually.

lesson for today: plans change, we must roll with it.  nothing is perfect and shit happens.  and that's ok, as long as we are safe, well fed, and surrounded with unconditional love.

amidst a little bad luck, the sun is shining and i can always crawl into my love's warm arms.

EDIT:  we just got back from the reservoir.  we left our sunny backyard to drive into huge grey clouds at the res, and wouldn't you know as soon as we left, for patrick to go to work, the sun came out.  some days that's just how it is.

on the way home, we laughed. we're laughing about it already ;).



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