monday meditation.

happy independence day people of the usa!

today, as we celebrate our country's freedom from britain, let us contemplate our freedom within our own minds.

just like america "outgrew" the reign and control from its parent country england, similarly we can learn to let go and break free from outdated and untrue thought patterns.  things perhaps we used to believe, that we placed value and pride in, can be released with practice and with patience like a wave coming in and clearing the sands.

we are not slaves to our thoughts and they only have power once reflected upon frequently.  yet if we fill our heads with positive things, with love and compassion and openness, we will see that we can become what is good and free.

with full deep breaths and a constant and kind surveillance of what you are thinking (with no judgement), we can truly change the people we think we are.  this freedom of thought is always waiting for us.  we each have such a graceful innate power within ourselves to continuously change our minds.

so today, as we celebrate and be merry, perhaps take some moments to watch the breath and observe the thoughts. never believe for an instant "this is just how i am".  NO.

you are perfect- open minded, patient, loving, tolerant, aware, and kind.  sometimes we just lose track of our natural peaceful state and need a gentle reminder from the observer within that we are in fact everything we've ever dreamed of.

have a beautiful and joyful day my dears!


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