one of the many reasons i love california.

backyard bowls.  'nough said!

this place is sooo good!  they make breakfast style bowls with so many awesome, delicious, and healthy ingredients.  like: acai, granola, hempseed, yogurt, spirulina, fresh organic local fruits, cottage cheese, bee pollen, etc... many many tasty bowls to choose from!  i am kinda hooked on the same bowl and haven't yet ordered anything different- you know how it is- when you love a food, why not always order it?  i love the cottage cheese bowl with acai- shown above. ;)

i went here the other day with my dear lil family and we all had such a nice time with our bowls, see?  (and my dad is wearing a purusha tee i made him for father's day- aw!)

reason # 1 of 1,000,000 i love california and need to live here.  hehe ;)  

love you all, and hope you're having a healthy and fun week with lots of time for your family.  xo!


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