taking a step back.

so today, here i am sitting in the living room, taking a break from work with the fan blasting on my face. it's hot here in connecticut, but the hotness chills me out in a way.  the heat slows me down; i'm thinking slower, speaking less, and moving  ever so carefully.

right now, as usual, i'm thinking about the future of purusha, and where i want my business and my life to go.

as some of you may have noticed, i've been blogging less.  i honestly adore blogging.  having a reason to take pictures and write and share my world with you is so satisfying.  but i've been wondering recently, is it worth my precious time?

if i didn't have to work everyday so long and hard on purusha, the answer might be 'yes'.  ultimately, my goal is for purusha to be a success- to build a sustainable business, hiring awesome people to work for me that i can treat with kindness and respect, and to provide beautiful organic clothing for all people!

does blogging get me sales?  no, i don't think so.

i love that people can get to know me on here, understanding my vision and my passion.  so i'm not going to quit the blog, i'm just going to blog less and, pardon me, not give a shit who's reading and how many people are reading.  i've noticed i've been checking my blog stats too much, and placing too much emphasis on people's receptivity of my personal life.  it's humbling to think, people that don't know me don't necessarily care that i went on a hike somewhere yesterday, ya know?  writing my blog like my personal journal may not be the best medium to draw people to purusha.

i'm thinking i will keep my blog mostly about fashion and yoga, not so much personal stuff.  my family and close friends, i'm sorry, i know you guys like knowing what's going on in my life (thank you so much!).

mondays will be the only day when i get a little personal.  other days i'll post yoga, clothing stuff, or i won't post at all.

people out there, if you can, please let me know what you think of my new blogging perspective.  i would appreciate any feedback!  thanks so much my sweets!  i am so grateful for your reading!

stay cool today, and embrace the heat as it cleanses your spirit!  namaste.


  1. Love you and a cool pose you are so strong. XOoxo

  2. Nothing wrong with taking a step back and focusing on the health of your business. I'd guess Purusha's products are more about quality than quantity, why not have your blog be the same?

    I say do one (or less!) really good post every week or two. Use the time you save to focus on your business and your own happiness :)

  3. I love reading your blog, but I also agree you should focus your time on what serves you best. I say take it as it comes. If you feel like getting personal go for it, if you think it'll share some happiness with others. I really enjoyed the lotus garden photos from cali. I recently stumbled upon your clothing and discovered this blog not long after. I found learning about you and your business made me love your clothing line even more. It makes the clothing more personal and special to know the work put in and where it comes from. Kind of like how I enjoy knowing my farmers and where my food comes from.

  4. hayley, perhaps it's because i have known you in the past, but i love all the personal anecdotes! that's from someone who doesn't read blogs and isn't a blogger, but i enjoy yours. however if you feel it's taking away from your business, then do what's best for Purusha.
    love, soraya

  5. I love the personal posts! I actually look forward to them. Just my perspective. If it pulls too much though, it's ok to close the door.

  6. thank you everyone so much for the thoughtful advice :).

    anonymous (sheryl), love u and miss u!

    jeff, youre the best. i so appreciate your advice, and you're the one that really got the ball rolling for me to think more in accordance with sales. i am happy to learn to think more like a businesswoman! purusha is # 1, and yes definitely quality over quantity. thank u! xo

    l michelle, nice ideas! yes, i should probably just take the pressure off myself to feel like i either have to blog or i dont.. just do it when i have time and really feel the urge. perfect. it does make me SO happy though to hear when my customers read and feel a kinship with me. this is one of the main reasons i felt so torn as to if i should blog. i think a few less posts a week will still keep me connected with my loves! thank u so much for the thoughts.

    soraya,!! so happy you read my blog. man, youre the coolest. haha, i have such fond memories of you. :) it really touches me to know that you can still be a part of my life, if even through a blog. sending you a hug! and thank you for your advice!

    joi, so glad you enjoy the personal posts. i think i agree with you, it feels really nice to share with whomever is reading my feelings and thoughts on life. im thinking ill just blog what i feel like when i feel like! thanks so much for reading, and for the supportive kind words!

    lots of love to you all <3 i really appreciate the thoughts!



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