real beauty.

how would you live if you were turned inside out?

if physically all the world could see only your inner virtues and the projections of your mind?

your outer body, face, and hair are all hidden beneath your concepts, beliefs, and the messages you tell yourself about reality each day.

what if we could see each other's souls only?  no breasts, no make up, no toned body, no brands of clothes.  how would we decide someone is beautiful?

today i am dedicating all that i do, say, and think (or at least what i can catch myself thinking, i'm still learning) to the nurturing of my inner beauty.  

the foods we put into our body, the exercise we do, the work we create, the relationships we sustain- let them all be positive contributions to our inner self's worth, truth, and beauty.  

and the outer beauty will follow.  so perhaps we can let go of the need to manipulate and obsess over the outside, and remember that it will be a reflection of our internal world.  

i made a vow in my practice/meditation this morning to watch the purpose of why i do what i do.  and to constantly redirect that purpose to my inner grace and light.

inside out, it's the only way.


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