this morning i made a deal with the universe.

the deal is: we will meet each other half way.

what i give- the positive thoughts i focus on, the work i create, the discipline i devote myself to- the universe will give an equal amount. 

this way i feel like i'm not alone; i'm not working on being a sustainable planet entrepreneur on my own.  i have help, and i'm attracting what is good to help me along my way.  

when i fill my head with beautiful focus to go for what i dream, i realize the world and the universe's energy is giving me that extra push i need to live the life i imagine.  

i truly believe the universe supports those that are looking to create and share what is good for the planet and its people, as well as for future generations.  big businesses that are run carelessly and irresponsibly are not sustainable. a business model that focuses solely on profits and doesn't give a damn about the environment, the people that ultimately are the business- the workers!, and neglects the needs of the next generations is doomed to fail.  the planet cannot support it, and we are seeing this more and more with the degradation and degeneration of plant and animal life throughout the world.  nature knows best and will not put up with our human bullshit for long!  we need to get our act together and stop trampling what gives us life, and start offering respect for the universe that birthed us conscious beings.

universe: i ask you to guide me and support me as i try to do good with this thing i call purusha.  and i thank you ahead of time for clearing my mind of what's negative and for leading me to brilliance.

and thank you for giving me this beautiful life.  i promise i won't let you down, and i'll be waiting, halfway.

photo c/o fearless


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