love is all around!

christmas, i'm pretty sure, is my favorite day of the year.  i sure get spoiled with love, good food, warmth, hugs, and lots 'o presents!

we had an amazing breakfast at my parents.

then opened our stockings!

me surrounded by presents!!

sister kate and her mate chris

 hoochie does not like patrick's new harmonica!

 my papa and pat opening gifts

my sweet mommy

we hiked westledge mountain in simsbury.

my sweet parents

then came home and started unwrapping more gifts!!!  so many wonderful gifts were exchanged, so much love shared.  and finally we all ate a delicious dinner made my by brilliant chef sister kate.  when she's around i can just get so lazy and not have to make anything!  i could get used to that ! ;)

i was kinda sad to see the day go; and had a nice little cry like a baby while laying on the floor around all my beautiful thoughtful gifts, while talking to my mom about our upcoming move.

life is so bittersweet.  we have to leave what is comfortable to be satisfied, yet we need and are nourished by brief moments of comfort and safety. 

i was telling my mom on the phone this morning that i'll always be a mama's girl.  i used to cry at school (pretty much up to high school! lol) because i wanted to be home with my mom, and a big part of me still feels like that.  like i just want to be home in my mom's arms and never leave.  to this day i still feel like i could die and live happily ever after if my mom is holding me.  so she and my dad just need to move to california soon- that's all there is to it!

i'm slightly overwhelmed with how much there is to do in the next month or so, but i know it will be worth it in the long run.  patrick keeps telling me i need to see the big picture and live for years from now as well as for today.  

but today, today is easy.  my sister is here for one more day and i'm not doing any work until tomorrow!

so i'm just basking in my presents and soaking up the ease.  this morning i put on a whole new outfit gifted from patrick and my parents and kate, practiced (terribly) the new bansuri indian flute patrick got me, made waffles in our new waffle maker, made fizzy water in our new soda stream carbonator thing, drank white sage and mint tea from california from kate, cuddled with patrick and liam, and just watched 2011's worst fails on you tube.  epic relaxing day so far i'd say!

soon i'll go see kate, chris, and my mom and dad and let the sweetness continue.  i hope that after today i'll be recharged and ready to get back to work, and start thinking about and preparing for the big move.

hope you all had such a merry day. i'll leave you with this lovely quote:

'blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!' ~hamilton wright mabie


  1. As your momma I also have a lot of child like ways. I get scared...i guess you might call it, of the things to come, the deep longing in my heart for all of us to live our lives not far from each other...of pulling up courage and strength from my being and giving it all up to the unknown future. Why are we so intrinsic in are nature that we seek simply comfort and closeness in our lives to those who truly know us (and still love us!) to live a fulfilling existence in these earthly bodies? I ask myself, again, why this strong pull on our spirits to be united through love to each other? sooo many childish questions!



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