good morning all!

and happy winter solstice to you!

there's something about the solstice that is so romantic and cozy, isn't there?  this week features some of the shortest and darkest days of the year- oh boy!

what these dark days mean to me is inner strength, independence, creativity, comfort, candles, and lots of love!

i treasure these short days as a reminder to find warmth in love and in cuddles, to let myself laugh more easily, to drink plenty of tea, to practice yoga with the space heater right next to my mat!, to get super bundled up on my runs with liam, to make soups and mashed potatoes and steamed kale, to find fun and inspiration in my art and in my hobbies indoors, and to remember that we can create our own light when the light from outside is growing dim.

the solstice is an opportunity to shine from within!  and to find sun-like energy from inside our own bodies, to radiate sunshine from our very core.  in the darkest moments of our lives are we able to find just how strong and how funny we are.  without obstacles we couldn't learn how capable we are of pulling through!  the will to survive is stronger than anything else, so in a way i think it is comforting to know that no matter how dark it gets we will make our way back to the sunshine.

there's nothing else to do and nowhere else to go, but back into the light.  the alternative is death- and once we've experienced life, not many of us want to give this life up without a fight.

so this week let us fight and survive for the sake of light and goodness that always returns.

beginning thursday our journey back to longer days begins! so amazing!  little by little minutes of light are brought back to our days and we can draw from our inner light as well to create such a lovely winter glow.

hope you all have a beautiful and merry solstice.  sending you light and good thoughts!  i am grateful to experience all that is life with you in this universe at this moment.

peace and love.


  1. I love the photo of the life-cycle of the leaf. Beautiful! I can't wait for the days to get longer, but I love the thought of our inner light being a flame in the dark of winter :)

  2. thanks for reading ellesee! much love to you! xo



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