down time.

 deep in concentration in my joni mitchell dress.

patrick probably cheating looking online. ;)

happy saturday!

hope you all are having a relaxing happy day!  

patrick is obsessed with chess.  like me, he has a slightly obsessive personality- tehe.  but yeah, he's got like at least 5 chess games going on with friends on his phone and we play pretty frequently now.  

pat used to refuse to play me because i beat him a few times in a row.  but now he's been studying and practicing (i haven't) and has been just kicking my butt.  we're playing a 21 game round and so far he's won 3 and i've won 0. boo!  looks like i need to practice more.  i know very beginner moves and really feel like my brain is going to shut down sometimes when i'm playing.  like sensory overload, i just want to lay down and go to sleep haha.  

last night we played a match and decided it was invalid.  something happened and i moved one of my white bishops to a white square- so both bishops were on white- not right!  we were both kinda wined out so we called it quits and watched an episode of seinfeld and passed out.  it was lovely.  

what i like about chess: 

1. that patrick and i both call the knight a horsey
2. making patrick nervous with moves that i didn't even know where good
3. when i'm about to lose and i move a pawn from across the board and take patrick's king- real nonchalantly- and say 'checkmate'. no big deal.
4. saying checkmate like this: check-a-mate-eh.  my sister kate and bff colleen and i would say this when we won a level in burgertime on the old nintendo (we were strange children), and at the same time do this odd dangling fist pump, not really a fist pump at all, but like a weak limp wrist attempt at a fist pump.  
5. when i lose (which now is every game), throwing a fit and clearing all the pieces of the board in a dramatic swipe of my arm, and then overturning the whole board.  it's funny, but it also makes me feel a little better about the loss.

there you have it.  chess.  patrick loves it because he wins, and i'm thinking i would rather have him win anyways because he takes the losses harder than me!


haha wholescome is another weird word invented by my sister kate-it means 'oh well', pronounced 'holes-come'.  try it.  

this was my sweet grandfather peepa's chess set.  it is very special.

after the game sometimes patrick and i will put the pieces together and laugh, pretending all the pieces are buddies and hang out, mingling in a sort of post game party.  how cute!

today i plan on potting amaryllis, grocery shopping, resewing some jeans, and of course- chess!  

hope you all have a lovely lovely day and find enough down time for laughter and fun!



  1. hayley, this has probably got to be my favorite blog yet! hahah, i'm chuckling inside;) I LOVE LOVE LOVE chess, and I bet I'd probably kick both of yer bums at once (if that's even possible. And if not, I'mma bout to make it possible). Love you

    ~Dr. Lawwwry



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