the dream was always running ahead of me.  to catch up, to live for a moment in unison with it, that was the miracle.  ~anais nin

i can't wait to catch up.  eco-preneurship is what i think about most hours of the day.

my mom gave me the book 'alivelihood' by horst rechelbacher, founder of aveda.  it is soooooooooooooooooooo inspiring.  i want to run purusha just like horst ran aveda.  immaculate.  compassionate.  holistic.  bold.  respectful.  aware.

don't get me wrong- i know someday i will look back at this time when it was just me doing everything and slightly long for it- but i want to affect the world somehow on a larger scale.  i hope to inspire other businesses to become more responsible, just as horst has inspired me and my approach to purusha.

today my dream of purusha is:

~a team of kind and healthy people that are nurtured in the workplace.  given good healthcare, organic foods, access to exercise and yoga, and a choose your own hours environment.  to empower employees to share in the business and decide what kind of work is best for them i think is the key to a happy company.

~to provide fair trade to developing nations with dyes, paints, organic cotton, hemp, and any other materials purusha may need.

~a beautiful sunlit airy factory with top of the line sewing machines, screen printing machines, weaving machines, and dyeing machines.  i hope to have great hyper modern machines so that humans don't have to slave over a hard to manage contraption.  i would love if the machines do most of the work, with people to just monitor them.  i don't think we were meant to do repetitive motion mindless work- it's not healthy for us.  i'd rather have employees work on what is creative- designing products, traveling for materials, advertising, etc.

~and what really keeps me inspired and dreaming big is that i can create a product that encourages people to take care of themselves!  and to love and take care of one's body is the first step to desire to love and care for the planet and its people.  dressing in a conscious way in organic materials, so that we can better exercise, move, and live is empowering!  i want to empower the world!

dreamworld- what a special place.  thank you for taking the time to share in my dreams.  and what better way to set intentions than to share them with you all.  i've caught up with some of my dreams, but there are always bigger ones on the horizon aren't there?!

i hope you take some time to trust your dreams today and keep running towards them.  we really are capable of so much more than we even know.

have a beautiful dreamy weekend!  xo

oh and happy new year!!! i knew there was some reason i was getting all starry eyed... 


  1. I've been thinking about the same things for my little shop. I'm making a conscious effort for my spring 2012 products to be more eco-friendly and made from sustainable materials as well as to shop small and locally for materials when possible.

    I think it is our responsibility as producers, consumers, human beings to take a stand for the Earth. Especially in an industry so environmentally damaging and wasteful as the fashion industry can be.

  2. YES YES!! You can do all these things! Oh the places you will go! I'm inspired by YOU! Great goals Sis. Better business, better planet, better people. When we work hard we get what we deserve :)

  3. Come to California Purusha. I know some people. We can help make these things happen.

    Can't wait to see your beautiful face!

    Your friend,



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