in love.

liam on christmas day

i really love my doggie boy.  so much.

wearing his new backpack on a hike- a gift from aunt kate and uncle chris! ;)

yeah, i'm a little obsessed with this boy.  i feel like liam is my son, silly as it sounds.  he's just perfect. we spend pretty much every moment together.

my baby angel 'helping' me fold laundry

i always tell him he's the best boy and an angel guy.  sweetness overload, i know, but he is one of the top sweetest things in my life.  i feel really lucky that we found each other.

there is nothing quite like the friendship between dog and woman.  we eat the same meals together (literally, i make him whatever patrick and i eat, he doesn't eat dogfood!), play and laugh together, work out together, and even sleep together every night!  ( haha patrick is involved in these things too, but this post isn't about him! ;) )

a big part of life, i think, is about finding those beings and passions that help you to forget yourself and put the needs of others first.  and boy does liam do that!  i'll work my plans around when i take him out on a run in 18 degree weather.  'cause it makes him sooo happy.

sometimes i think i don't want to have children and just have a family of yellow labs.  a crazy dog lady.  whatever.  haha.  just kidding.  kinda... ;)



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