"i will stick to my plans, and i will be proud of myself!"

i'm not one for thinking that in one day, or even one year, everything will be different.  change takes time, and it's super challenging!  but i do think it is so helpful to have attainable goals (and a few seemingly unattainable goals too!).

so, are you ready?!  have you set some intentions for 2012?

here are my goals:

1. catch myself when i compare myself to others.  and then remind myself i only have to be myself and everything will be fine!
2. wake up early, to bed early
3. eat lighter dinners
4. hang out with girlfriends more
5. get my work done earlier in the day
6. to have better composure when i'm emotional, and still offer sweetness and compassion to others when i'm sad/frustrated/confused
7. spend less time on the computer, more time reading books
8. meditate every morning
9. write in my blog, journal, and inspiration books daily
10. spend more time alone in my little 'purusha' room- brainstorming, dreaming, planning, thinking, working.

and my bigger crazier goals are:

1. make all purusha clothing from organic/recycled/sustainable fabrics
2. hire 1-2 people to work with me
3. be featured in shape, self, or yoga journal magazine
4. find a good cause to start donating a portion of all purusha sales to
5. travel to another country.  pretty much anywhere, i'd go anywhere ;)

and always always, to spend more time in LOVE.  sharing love with everyone around me.

hope your first week of 2012 is beautiful!


  1. Hope you first week is beautiful. Love reading your blogs. They are so inspiring to me. Love you forever. Sheryl

  2. awww i love you forever sheryl! had such a nice time with you this weekend :) thank you for reading and for sharing in my dreams! xxxx

  3. AWW! Beautiful! I love the pictures. You guys look so sweet! 2012 will be a good year. Great Goals, I believe you will make every one reality!!



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