just what i needed to hear.

good morning!

i love TED talks!  don't we all right?!  super inspiring videos to watch while eating lunch :)

i watched this one yesterday.  just clicked it pretty randomly.  and it is perfect for me at this moment.  

yesterday i was feeling a bit frustrated that i don't have money.  i was comparing purusha to other clothing businesses that just have start up money because somehow these people were wealthy to begin with.  i thought- how unfair, that they are able to get ahead simply because they had capital at the start.  and this business is getting written about in forbes and on so many blogs!! ah!  

ok first, this is a reminder to be true to my first intention for the year- to not compare myself to others.  there is no one like me or purusha, and i'm not like anyone else or their business.  that's the beauty of it.  

and second, this TED talk speaks volumes to my dreaming heart.  the wright brothers- wow, i had no idea they made the first flying machine with no money and with no press.  while, what's his name (i can't even remember now!), had the ny times following him around and had $50,000 at his disposal and came up with nothing and then quit after the wright brothers made a plane first.  didn't even try to improve upon it.

it's so true, businesses succeed because of the WHY, not the WHAT.  we want to find ourselves in a brand, find our personality and beliefs ringing true in what we purchase.  

so yeah, i don't have start up money and i'm not looking to borrow money.  i don't think people are as interested in a company history that says, 'we made the business with our parent's money and never really had to get our hands dirty.  everything went smoothly with little problems.  the end.'  we want the under dog to win, we want to see a struggle, we want to see someone build something from nothing.  

because it's inspiring to see someone, perhaps someone just like you, build their dreams from scratch.  then maybe this makes you think, i can do it too.  what's stopping us?  there's nothing stopping us.

so dream big my friends!  if your heart is in it people will recognize that.  i truly think that people can spot a phony or a copycat that's in it for the WHAT rather than the WHY from miles away.   

today, let us ponder the WHY.


  1. Hayley, keep plugging away. I started from borrowing $1000 from my husband (I know it sounds silly). I just wanted to test the market and see if there was demand. As I'm sure this happened to you too, within six months I knew I had to change my strategy.
    I can honestly say I haven't made a profit yet and I'm in it for over 4 years (2 serious). I'm breaking even, which I guess is good, at least that is what my accountant and lawyer say as I struggle to pay their fee.
    I won't mention names but one of our competitors who would appear to be doing fantastic is struggling too, yet from the outside, his ads in YJ are big and beautiful, etc.... Everything is not always as it seems from the outside
    Our time will come. Keep at it. We all have good and bad days. Just think of it as yucky energy that needs to be expelled. It swirls in our systems and poisons us making it hard to see and feel clearly.

    WE ARE doing what we are supposed to be doing.
    I believe in you!!!



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