an adventurous canyon day.

hello!  how are you?

i'm doing ok, much better than yesterday.  i already posted on my facebook, so some know, but i had to trash all my precious plants last night at the border into CA.  the border inspection guy told me to take all the plants out of the car, and i thought he would just look at them and be like 'ok, you can put them back in the car.'  but he said, 'do you want to keep the pots?' and i'm thinking, yes, what are you talking about?  he took all my plants and pulled them out of the pots and dumped them into a wheelbarrow like they were garbage before i could even protest.  i started crying immediately and begged to just keep my most special ficus tree, named govinda.  he ignored me and i just wept and got in the car :( .. govinda was a really special plant to me (the others were too of course, but they weren't named and i hadn't had them as long), i got him with my mom in simsbury when i was a sophomore in college in 2002.  i moved him to burlington, VT back then, and govinda shed all his leaves because it was so cold when we transported him from the car to my apartment.  i watched as govinda miraculously grew all his leaves back over the next couple months.  i repotted him a few times and watched him grow.  he's been with me wherever i've lived and i felt like he was my little plant baby.  ugh, i miss govinda.  but i keep reminding myself to be grateful for all that i have and that this is not a true tragedy.  govinda did deserve some mourning last night, and today i definitely feel sunnier.  the first thing patrick and i will buy for our new place in a new ficus tree.  govinda II.

we are in needles, CA this morning.  it's kinda incredible, as soon as we crossed the border from AZ to CA, it got warmer and there are palm trees.  i think i'm really going to love living in the sunshine state.  how could i be unhappy with this magnificent weather?!  and my 2 loves liam and patrick with me?  i am very very lucky.  today we are going to go to the mojave national preserve!  YEAH!  and it's warm and sunny.

besides the douche at border patrol last night, yesterday was a pretty awesome epic day.  we visited the grand canyon!

it was pretty spectacular, to say the least.  our sweet friend naomi was getting us hooked up to go on an awesome tour down into the canyon, to visit unique area and see native american cave drawing and amazing stuff like that, but unfortunately the tour didn't allow doggies :(.  i couldn't bare to leave liam behind somewhere, so pat and i are hoping someday in the future to be able to take a tour.  after seeing the canyon from the south rim, i really really want to get down there are understand the canyon's vastness.  it's almost frustrating when you look at the grand canyon, because your eyes can't comprehend the depth of the thing.  like i know it's deep and huge, but after so far my eyes can't tell the difference.  i feel like i really need to see the canyon from below now too.  it's something i really look forward to!

liam had a blast, and i think he saw the canyon a few times ;) ... heheh ;).

i have some videos i'd like to post, but the internet here at the days inn is mighty mighty slow, so i can't.  i'll try to post them tomorrow!

in other news, patrick's word in a sentence today is: 'after our endeavor last night, i've been indulging in lalochezia, and it helps.' 

talk tomorrow my loves!


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