quick post from arizona.

good morning!!

patrick, liam, and i are about to go to the GRAND CANYON!!! AHHH!!!  i'm so excited!

so i don't have a whole lot of time this morning for all the details of our journey yesterday.. but we drove from albuquerque to flagstaff.  we were gonna hike the petroglyphs state park in albuquerque, but at the park entrance were all these signs saying 'do not leave valuables in car'.  wtf?!  our whole car contains everything valuable we own!  so we went to the visitor center and asked if robberies really happen, and the guy was like 'yes, they do happen.'  there's no way we could have hiked for 2 + hours and not worried immensely about our uhaul... and then the visitor center man told us the petroglyphs were 200-400 years old.  ha, is it wrong that patrick and i were disappointed they weren't older?  so we left, it was kinda a bummer.  we took liam to the dog park in albuquerque instead and made a stop along our drive to bluewater lake state park.  not really as cool, but we didn't want to take the chance of our stuff getting stolen.

it was so quiet and remote out there, we started feeling scared a mountain lion might be lurking!  we saw some pretty big paw tracks too!  eee!

the drive through norther new mexico and into arizona was pretty mind blowing!  so many gorgeous and huge mountains and canyons and vast deserts.

well i gotta go now!  to the grand canyon!  i'll be back tomorrow with a thousand pictures and some awesome adventures ;)  xo xo.

p.s.  patrick is obsessed with learning big weird words right now, and is demanding i use a sentence with a word he likes.  so here it is: 'patrick has required a case of hadeharia on this trip'.  oh god.


  1. Welcome to Arizona. Looks kind of cold up north there. If you make down south you ought to visit Bisbee. (it's warm here!) You can get my contact info from your mom or email me here. Have a great trip.
    xoxo Kim



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