joshua tree!

hello my sweets~  hope you're doing splendidly :).

i'm sitting here in my sister's apartment dreaming of finding a place of my own with pat and liam.  i'm checking craigslist about 25 times a day and i call about 10 numbers a day!  at this rate we have to find something soon!  right?!! right?

i am so anxious to get back to work.  i really miss making clothes and busy beeing with all my little tasks.  yesterday patrick and i emptied out our uhaul into self storage; and looking at all our belongings, i thought 'i miss this painting!  i miss our home!'  i mean, don't get me wrong, staying with my sis and her mate is a blessing of course i am so grateful for, but i want to give them back their space asap.

patrick and i are looking at a place this afternoon.. oh man, i hope we love it!  we looked at a large studio apartment in goleta yesterday that had a lot of perks- like a fireplace, huge studio space, giant walk in closet, beautiful bathroom, but the kitchen was ridiculously small.  with the smallest mini fridge and about 2 feet of counter space.  there's no way we could cook and live in a kitchen like that.  and no washer and dryer which i need for dyeing.  plus the studio was $1400 a month!  we are beginning to understand we need to raise our price limit per month to be here.  that's ok, but the price should feel worth it, for sure.  that place just didn't feel like $1400 worth.

anywho, that's all i've been up to really.  scouring craigslist.  dreaming.  of purusha fashion shows and trunks shows in downtown santa barbara, of my website that's going live soon.  envisioning purusha's growth now that i live amongst so much of my target market.  yipee!  though we don't have a home yet i feel really positive about the future. :)

i've been wanting to share with you all the lovely photos from joshua tree this weekend.  i can't wait to go back there someday- maybe in the spring when all the flowers are blooming!

wish me luck today on my aparment hunt!  and i hope you are having a lovely day too!



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