my new life.

i now live in santa barbara!  can you believe it?!

it's so absolutely beautiful here.  unreal.  check out this exclamation sunset above!

i'm constantly amazed at the amazing gorgeous variety of plants here- there's a little bit of everything.  cacti, palm trees, some kind of pine trees, oak trees, soo many flowers- ahhh it's heavenly!  and the backdrop of the los padres mountains with the ocean on the forefront- it's a feast for the eyes.

and the sunsets- don't get me started! ;)

yet... we still don't have an apartment yet :(.  so that's kind of a big buzz kill.  we're looking at a place in the mountains tomorrow we have high hopes for.  i'm really wanting to get back to work.  i feel kinda lost without my purusha!

but i'm making the most of this time off.  enjoying the runs, hikes, beaches, farmer's market, my sister, and downtown state street.  if anything, this break is helping me to see how much i LOVE my work.

liam is pretty much loving it here.  he's such a smiley little guy.  his favorite thing is to run as fast as he can through the ocean water and scoop his mouth into it like a gull, and then roll around on his back in the sand.  you can't help but feel excited and happy while watching him!

guess what?!  liam met his first horse today on our run!  he was scared, barked, and i don't think he quite understood it was an animal too.  a sweet woman was riding the horse and stopped to chat with us.  when liam barked the horse just looked down at liam and then kinda looked away, like whatever.  totally unphased.   pat and i have been wanting liam to meet a horse for a while, so i'm pumped it's finally happened!  what else... liam and i saw a nude fat man on the beach today. haha.

i'm very happy to be with my lil sis here ;) .

kate and her man chris!

me and pat and liam.

i'm so luck to be here, yet i do miss CT and all our friends back home so much.  moving is HARD.  new beginnings are a challenge.  i'm fortunate enough to have friends here already. but my heart is definitely longing and missing many people from CT.  i miss my mom and dad and their dog hooch more than anything.  being away really makes the heart grow fonder.  it is my dream to grow purusha enough that i can hire my awesome sweet dad and then move my parents out here.  my parents are the sweetest.  mama, dad, i missss you!!!!  i will always be a little baby, haha.  i know though i just need to keep positive and keep reflecting on the multitude of blessings all around me.  i am one lucky lady.

time for bed.  good night my sweet loves!


  1. Liam has "good boy" written all over him. What a precious pup!

    Best of luck to you during your hunt for a new home!




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