on the road!

hand stands in danville, pennsylvania

hi people!  how are you?

my cross country journey has begun!!!

after about 4 loved filled farewell dinners with my unbelievable family and friends; patrick, liam, and i have hit the road!

we do miss collinsville, ct already though, to be honest.  we left behind such beautiful kind people.  change is tough!!  this morning i woke up with this uneasy feeling, this slight discomfort and fear of the unfamiliar.

yet at the same time, i haven't felt this nervous feeling in a lonnng time.  not since i went to mexico alone for my yoga school and lived in a tent! :)  funny thing is, i've missed this feeling.  i didn't know i missed it until i felt the pang of it in our hotel room when i awoke.  it's fear; but also excitement, glimpsing the unknown, taking a chance, putting myself out there.  and everytime i've felt like this, it's been worth it.  i gained something, lost nothing.

my mom has been sweet enough to put together a little envelope of quotes and thoughts for every day i'm traveling.  i totally look forward to opening up my daily treasure!  today's quote that i love is: 

"to awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world." ~ freya stark

so true right? i've awoken in 2 different states in the past 2 days, and it's pretty exciting!  i mean, yeah, they are not the most exciting states- but totally fun anyways.  to be somewhere i've never been before is nothing short of thrilling!

our first sit down meal on the road in PA- salad with smoked salmon and veggie nuggets.  it was awesome!

patrick, liam, and i are all in good spirits and feeling fine :).  liam is a really great traveler, and pretty much smiles the whole car ride.  he's not too in to sleeping in hotel beds, but he's a trooper! patrick has been cracking me up and we've been talking about some pretty silly things during our car rides.  we're towing a 5 X 8 uhaul trailer, so we can only drive about 50/55 mph!  haha!  it's funny, everyone passes us, but it's kind of relaxing to just have cruise control on and hang in the right lane.  we're driving about 300 miles per day and so far, just staying in cheap hotels, and finding a little time in the day to get outside and hike/run.

so far we've driven through CT, NY state, PA, and now we are in OH.  i've never been to ohio or most of pennsylvania.  the farms and stark winter landscapes are really quite beautiful.  the setting hasn't changed too too much from CT- cold, leafless trees, new englandy feeling; but i am definitely trying to be observant of any differences.  

our first night we spent in danville, PA, and last night we crashed in wadsworth, OH.  today we venture out through ohio and into indiana.  oh boy!

hiking in danville, PA! :)

i'm really excited for when we reach texas, new mexico, and arizona; yet i'm pleasantly surprised at how much fun we've been having already!

a little clip from the car!

well, i have a whole lot more i could say here, but the road is calling us back!  i gotta get going.  i'll be posting now everyday on our travels!

i miss and love you all from CT, and can't wait to see my loves in CA!

talk soon!


  1. Yes, I have traveled many times cross country and its always a rush! I too have always embraced the fine art of ''voyage par la route'' (thats French for road tripping).
    c'est la vie my friends.

  2. awww! too bad i didn't catch you guys sooner!! you could have crashed at our place in strasburg ohio!!! :( oh well, maybe if you do another road trip back to ct, you can stop on by! sounds like you are enjoying this adventure in your life...wish you the bestest of the best!!!



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