we're not in connecticut anymore...

we're in indiana!  the farmland is really pretty, and the first thing we saw after the 'welcome to indiana' sign were so many religious signs.  crazy!  that would never fly in connecticut! lol.

i call this photo the dyslexic christian ad.  haha!

aah!!  the biggest cross ever!

liam has been taking it all in and having a great time.  today i'm going to take him on a run in a nearby park.  last night we stayed in terre haute, indiana.  we were gonna stay in the indianapolis area, but i guess the superbowl is there this weekend?!  ha, i had no idea.  hotels were ridiculously expensive and it was so busy.

i thought of my mom when i saw these hay bails, she paints them sometimes.  it's interesting, when you're away from what you know, your mind goes to so many places it hasn't been to in a while.  i thought of memories i forgot existed in my mind.  memories of college days, moments in high school, past people i loved and don't know anymore.  it really is healthy to leave your home to remember your past.  haha, it might also be because i'm just staring at an open road that my mind gets a little more creative than usual.

today is our first day of rainy travel- ugh.  but it's not raining too hard, and we'll be driving slow.  once we get into oklahoma it seems like the rain will let up.  today we leave indiana, and leave behind eastern standard time!  eee!!  we get an extra hour in our day!  we'll be traveling to and through st. louis, where patrick once lived.  we may stop by the budweiser factory? (is it a factory?!) and hit up that arch way thing, the gate way to the mid-west.  cool stuff!!!

alright, we gotta check out of our cozy little super 8 hotel room.. it's been our cleanest cutest room yet!

talk to you tomorrow!  


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