a very special guest post.

our teddy bear doggy

today i'm very lucky to have liam write a post about our adventures!  he's been having fun :)  take it away doggie boy! 

hi!  woof!  happy day to you!

i just finished my nice big bowl of cereal and fruit, as i write from a very high strange bed in a foreign land!

i've sure been having a ball traveling around in the little steel box that takes us to different rooms!  it's about day 55 of our adventure, and i can't wait to figure out why we're doing this! 

a few days ago (yesterday) i went with my people to a cool place called st. louis, missouri.  it was probably my favorite place yet because i got to go on a long walk and play with some other dogs and run through giant puddles!  oh boy!

we walked around the JFK trail.  it was awesome.  aaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!  i'm telling my people we should get in that box and go back there today.  

here are some boring photos my mom wants me to post about stuff they did without me :(  

the loop in st. louis

 fresh budweiser from the nearby anheuser-busch factory.  they like this stuff, it makes me sick.

the st. louis arch.  honestly-- not matter how hard i try, i can't see this thing.  it just isn't there.

my people friends are so funny.  they're packing up their food and stuff again and it's making me anxious.  i did hear the word 'walk' though, so i feel pretty good about that.  

what else... i've been eating a lot of pretzels in the steel thing that takes us places.  i like to smile and look out the window.  life is so fun, because you never know what'll happen next!  i know today's gonna be great!  i don't mind traveling, snacking, walking, sleeping, and cuddling; so it's all good.  

here's a little video of me and my buds:

and one more of my mom and i walking around in st. louis! :

as your faithful protagonist, i can personally ensure the warmth and safety of my 2 trusty comrades on our westward endeavor in our steel blue chariot.  phew!  i've been saving this sentence for a while!

i gotta go pee and poop outside now before we leave.  i invite you all to come visit us if we ever stay in one place again.  i can't wait to show you my big bone when i see you!

i love you world!


  1. ok. my 4 ever friend and old personal trainer.thats sounds pretty good. i like my greyish metal box with wheels 2, but it makes me fall asleep rite away.i like 2 think we r going some place where my mom will let me eat as much food as i want.liam do u eat in eating places with your people?do u get a lot of snacks along the way?don't u get tempted 2 break into their food containers when they not b looking?i wood have a terrible time with that.anyways running guy,...i gotta go poop now 2 and maybe look cute and sweet and maybe my mom will give me what she calls a treat like a carrot,thats ok yesterday i ate a huge stick i was so starving.miss sharing that big bone u have and playing tug of war, and running so fast through the woods with u old guy and watching u swim so good.i want 2 be as cool as u someday..when i'm older. where r u again?driving?seems like a funny thing 2 do so much?by

  2. i bet if he had a human voice he would sound as eloquent as Morgan Freeman :)



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