we like oklahoma. 

good morning! how are you?

we're doing great- totally losing track of the days here.  pat and i just had the hardest time figuring out if it was sunday or monday.  looks like it's monday ;).

last night we spent in chandler, OK.  this, by far, is our favorite hotel room yet and the people in oklahoma are sooo friendly!  it's beautiful, and i feel like a cold new englander in comparison.  people here actually smile at you and say hi!!!  what?!  haha, before we left CT patrick and i were getting frustrated with people completely ignoring you when you say hello or wave.  it's an awkward feeling, for someone to look past you when you acknowledge them!  so yeah, i don't miss that! :)

 yeah king size bed!

so many happy cows in oklahoma

we drove from st. robert, MO yesterday in the light rain.  we drove through tulsa, and the scenery is definitely changing slowly and steadily.  out hotel room in st. robert was a bit scary- with army reserves partying and getting hookers, and a smelly room.  so we were sooo happy to arrive here in chandler to a kind size bed, a huge room, silence, a little hotel restaurant, super friendly people, and we turned on the TV just in time to catch the superbowl halftime show. madonna does not age, right?!

funny thing yesterday, we were so so so close to running out of gas!!! it was scary!  we had no idea the exits were going to be around 15-20 miles apart.  it was a miracle we made it.  we had to run some tolls to make that happen, but we paid them all once we got our gas.  phew!

unfortunately, to liam's dismay, we weren't able to do any outdoor activities yesterday.  it just didn't happen.  it's ok though, today we're gonna head over to lake chandler and run around and play!

the landscape is feeling much more deserty now.  the econolodge we stayed at is very southwestern looking- light pink concrete walls.  the weather too feels more like the desert- cold last night, and today it's going to be sunny and 55 degrees.  yipee!!!

we we did something kinda crazy yesterday on our travels- we stopped in joplin, MO.  you know, where that ridiculously huge tornado was last year?  at first i kinda was joking around with pat that i wanted to drive through town and look at the devastation.  and pat was like, 'no, that is so disrespectful.  it's not a tourist attraction'.  but once we got closer to the joplin exits we noticed some gnarly trees that were basically sliced in half.  our curiousity got the best of us, and we got off a joplin exit.  i didn't take any pictures because we already looked like ass holes driving down a demolished road with a uhaul and a california license plate.  let me tell you- the flattened and destroyed streets were one of the saddest things i've ever seen in my life.  i cried a little, and began to understand why jopliners wouldn't want outsiders coming through to gawk.  not that i was gawking at all, but i bet it sure looked that way.  i can't even imagine what the people of joplin went through, and are still going through as they rebuild the town.  my heart truly aches for those that suffer through natural disasters.  man, i'm lucky to have smooth sailing right now.  there's always so much to be grateful for.

tulsa, OK

i have more i'd like to say, ha as usual!, but patrick is telling me we need to pack up.  so go, i must.

oklahoma sunset

i'll talk to y'all tomorrow!  love you!  


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