good morning!

yesterday we visited bell cow lake in chandler, OK.  it was sooo beautiful and serene.  i wanted to stay there all day in the sun.

sunshine is truly healing to the soul.  i felt reborn on the red clay shores of the salvador dali-esh lake.

liam went so wild here, running through the water and rolling around in the rusty soil.

today is nothing like yesterday!  ahhh!!! it's snowing in amarillo, TX!  we spent the night here in amarillo, and woke up to gusty howling winds and light snow.  haha, we're a little bummed about this, to say the least.  i thought i wouldn't have to see snow for a year or so. ;)

we'll be driving to albuquerque today, and it looks like it will be sunny there.  yay!

texas has been beautiful so far, as we've been driving through the pan handle.  it looks just like the setting of a spaghetti western- vast skies, prairies for miles, big puffy clouds far in the distance.  my iphone just doesn't do it justice!

the sunset last night over the texas sky was just incredible as well.

here's a little clip from the road!

well, it's time for us to venture out into siberia.  ;)  seriously, it looks like it out there!  i'll be back with the sun tomorrow with another post from new mexico!

bye bye sweet people!


  1. Hey just passed through my old stompin ground.Tex ass. Best state in the union I'd say. Use to work on an old cattle ranch there until I was discovered at a local gas station...the rest is history. Any who you all have a great trip to where ever..gotta go!



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