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it's kinda quick, and i could most likely edit it, but i don't have time today :). i wanted to post it on huffington post, but it's way too long. haha!

i really enjoyed this debate.

tara has very kind and thoughtful response providing her definition of yoga, and its inclusivity. we each have the power to find the cosmos radiating within us. science has proven we are all made of star stuff! pretty incredible! tara addresses how yoga has become, in the west, a means of health and well being. it really can be whatever you want it to be, because YES it belongs to nobody. it has evolved now to a philosophy that is not like religion. it is your own personal thing. why do we care to judge another's practice anyways? because we want to have the power of ownership- right on point by tara, i think.

a lot of comments on huffington post are saying that tara is focusing too much on ownership, but isnt that what this debate is about? is yoga a hindu practice? in other words, do hindus get to call yoga their own?

yes, yoga began with hinduism, but with the beauty of evolution, it has become so much more than that. it heals, calms, and unites people. it's truly become beautiful here in america. 

and those that practice just for a bikini body? so what? isnt the body your temple? and why do we care how someone else practices yoga? why the need to control others? why be so self righteous?

suhag's response, to me, is not clear nor does it address how yoga asana has been molded and developed by the west. she mentions how yoga started in india, and how the poses were named for indian gods. her only reflection on yoga in the west is that it has been watered down and secularized by indian gurus to appeal to the west. well, exactly, this is why american yoga is no longer hindu. it never has been! if it was, it wouldnt be that billion dollar business suhag speaks of. yoga is such a success in america because of its inclusivity. suhag defines a bit of hinduism, but does not touch on how karma and reincarnation relate to modern american yoga. and btw, what is 'cafeteria spirituality'? it seems quite egotistical to put down another's spirituality, why do YOU get to judge? because you're more spiritual?! suhag's closing arguments lack depth, and in her second to last paragraph suhag agrees with everything tara says! that "there are no chosen people, no prophets, no my way or the high way". so why still claim your group gets to have the yoga practice? quite the contradiction. then suhag says "without hinduism yoga falls flat on its face." where did this come from?! lol! where are the arguments to support this bold statement?! 

glad to see tara has changed more minds here. this debate makes more clear that religion, especially fundamental religion, tends to separate people. we need yoga more than ever to bring people together no matter their differences, and we should use it to unite for common good and for universal love.

check out the article above, and let me know what you think! bye for now my sweet friends!


  1. I would like too less judging and more loving - johnny d



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