our home.

good day!

please, come take a tour of our lil' house!

nice big windows we love :)

the kitchen!

sweet painting by my mama.

liam stretching!

my work area/ "dining room"

the amazing piece of art by our friend corey pane.

the living room.

our bedroom

the bathroom! tehe ;)

i love the window in the shower.

our mini walk in closet

patrick strategerizing.

speaking of strategerizing, i gotta get back to work!

hope your day is just grand!


  1. Your place is so lovely and earthy/eclectic. Love the fresh energy the elements bring to your environment. You look so settled in and cozy! Hard to believe you just moved. You could be an interior designer for hire! So happy for you both! <3.

  2. so cute. love it. it's very cozy, quaint and definitely has your fingerprint on it. I love how it's like wood... everywhere! glad you found a little nook to call home so soon.


  3. Nice to see you chums are settling in the hills of SB. I lived there for a few weeks while I went through my.....oh.... I'll stop now....gotta keep some things to my self. So, from what I can see you got a pretty narly sweet shelter there. Your dog looks toned in the photos. Is he a runner? Or a dancer? Love those long stickish legs. So, what I tell all my friends like you is:
    #1. watch your back, you can't trust other folk's pets, now matter how good like look.
    #2. collect as many triangle rocks as you can and hide them in a secret storage spot, until you hear from me.....which will be around the end of this year, for sure.
    #3. and most important: don't ever believe weather officials..they don't know whats really going to happen in 24 hours.
    Trust me I know what I'm talking about!

    PPSS No cares and have a scrumptious day I know I will.



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