work on what you love, and soak up positive people!

this is the mantra i've been telling myself the past few days. phew!!! it helps!

no matter what negative people do or say to you, they cannot take away the love that you've worked on in your life. people can be cruel and heartless, and it's just because they're the ones hurting inside. nothing to do with me at all. i know i'm a good person and i've done nothing wrong. i do though just wish all relationships could be amicable, but sometimes you just have to let go and realize no matter what you do, you can't change someone's damaged psyche. oh well...

so yeah, i've just been delighting in my work, and hanging close to kind people. all our neighbors up here are the greatest sweetest people. we had dinner with some of them last night, and it totally made me feel like a normal happy human again. i have so much good around me, and i just need to focus on what's positive.

we're on the hunt for a new apartment, and so far, so eh. haha. we've only looked at 2 places this week... in la conchita. we didn't know before looking at the places that la conchita is prone to really bad landslides. one of the apartments we looked at was sooo incredible!! freaking HUGE, amazing kitchen, 2 fireplaces, a beautiful porch, super sweet landlord... but then we looked off the porch and saw a bunch of crosses on a gated hilly spot. i guess that is where 10 people died in 2005 from a terrible mudslide. and get this, one of the crosses said 'PAT'!!! aaaahhh!!! i felt so sad something like that happened there, and pat and i both knew there was no way we could live there. :(

tomorrow we're looking at a few places in ventura, so i'm excited and hopeful. we will find something so great for us, and be looking back at this crazy experience with a laugh before we know it!

time to screen print and have fun working on what i love- my purusha people!

 hope you have a beautiful day!


  1. Definitely needed this today...and most everyday lately! So caught up in missing our hold home on Guam, and our friends/family in the US, among other things. But life is still so beautiful and blessed. Love that pic!



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