day in LA

on saturday patrick, liam, and i had a lovely happy day in the fashion district of LA!

it was so cool! crazy huge fabric stores and garment manufacturers. and craziness. i bought some AMAZING fabrics just laying on a pile on the street for $2!!!!

and i found the most incredible 12" stretchy lace i'm going to make yoga pants waistbands out of. they are gonna be killer! i plan on putting them up on etsy sometime this week! woohoo! i also bought thread for my serger, so i can finally sew with it, and a double needle which i'm super excited to try on my sewing machine.

we didn't know before going to LA, but a lot of the stores in the fashion disctrict are closed on weekends, so i must, I MUST!, got back soon during the week. i'm kinda in love with it there. heavenly, inspiring, overwhelming of all there is to create; it's the perfect place for a crafter to visit.

some spots totally reminded me of NYC. like the building above. i miss the east coast a lot sometimes, but i'm beginning to realize that's just fine. there's something or someone to miss no matter where you go, and the best i can do is just accept that and absorb my new surroundings with an open mind.

how cool is this guy?!

liam is soooo cute! he had a pretty crazy weekend. he got this gnarly swelling in his cheek on friday that just got bigger and bigger; so we took liam to the vet and they had to sedate him and probe around to find if something was stuck in his gums. the vet didn't find anything, but they gave us some meds for the doggie boy. oh dear, liam was SO messed up after the anesthesia. he couldn't walk straight, or really seem to see anything, fell down some stairs, and just collapsed on the couch for the whole night. poor thing! the next morning liam felt and looked much better, and really had a ball in LA. he loved just walking around "talking" to people. and his cheek swelling is pretty much all gone now! hallelujah!

we ate some sushi and miso :) .

then met up with patrick's good friend jeff and his dog winnie.

we visited jeff at the bar he tends at- the woods. such a cool place. i'd love to have lights like this in my house someday...

i drank the best drinks ever!!! a lychee martini, an old-fashioned, a mint julep, and a frothy sweet pineapple martini. oh my!!! such goodness!

today i'm happy to be back to work, and really excited to get to designing some new clothes for purusha with all my new idears found in LA. :) yippee!

hope your monday is a mellow and happy one! namaste.


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