in training.

know what i've been thinking recently?

that, well duh, yoga doesn't and shouldn't stop when you step off the mat. such an obvious realization, but honestly, it's something i struggle with everyday.

in my practice yesterday and today, i made myself stop doing poses whenever i noticed my mind wondering or just waiting for the asana to be over. i just come down in a seated position and wait until my mind slows and opens up again to the silence. it's much easier to do when not in a posture, and learning how to observe that brings me closer to feeling that peace while in a pose, and then ultimately in my daily life.

and the same is true for each moment off the mat. it can be challenging to be observant and open while busy beeing all about, trying to get what you need done in a day. but once you notice that, you can simply just take a moment to STOP. to press your palms together and let the rest of the busyness melt around you, allowing nothing else but the peaceful energy you are cultivating in your breath and between your hands to exist in the world.

and then slowly, with our intent and discipline, the awareness and endorphin highs we find on our mats can begin to cross over into the places that really count, into the places that are real. because in a way, the yoga mat is an island, a sanctuary for us to rehabilitate before going back into the world. but it's not reality there. so we have to make it our goal to rediscover the mindfulness and calm, that we work SO hard to nurture on our mats, within our hearts and minds as we perform our daily duties.

simply, the way to this new awareness is by checking in throughout the day and taking a few moments to meditate back on the feelings we surrender to on the mat.

i know i'll be working on this today, because it is truly worth my time, more than anything else. my peace benefits my health, allows me to work harder, and live with more kindness and respect toward all beings.

namaste my friends! enjoy your day with peace and deep breaths!


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