a gentle presence.

ram dass meditating

good morning! how are you?!

i'm doing alright, things keep getting weirder and weirder up here at our mountain house. ah! i will tell you ALL about it once some time has passed!

so i re-signed up for yogaglo today. i took a few months off while moving and what not, just indulging in my personal practice.

the first class i took this morning after my hiatus was by the kind, sweet, gentle jo tastula. as i move deeper into my yoga and meditation practice, i am feeling more drawn to simple, calm, yet practical instruction.

i've pulled away from any sense of mystical or imaginary instruction. when i hear 'broadening the collarbone', or 'pulling the heart up and out', and the like, it really does nothing for me. i want to be reminded how to breathe, how to relax, and how to slow down and find my inner grace.

jo is soooo graceful, when i watch her, i want to move just like her. such slow deliberate movements and subtle adjustments- like uncurling the toes one at a time when moving from plank to cobra. she's like a dancer!

we each practice for different reasons, that's for sure. and that's why there are so many different types of instructors. jo, for me right now, is just what i need. i need to take my time, let go, and be super gentle with myself. i've been stressed, and i don't need more stress from feeling irritated that a teacher's instructions are not applicable to me.

there's so much magic in what's concrete and simple, i feel like why do we even need complicated directions? all i need is my breath, my awareness of movements, and my ability to focus solely on peace. and jo's lessons bring me right back to the basics.

so big big thank you jo tastula for sharing your wisdom and sweetness over the interwebs! i admire you so and am inspired by you!

now that i live in CA i can go take a class in real life with jo in LA! horray!

i would highly recommend taking one of her classes on yogaglo. she will mellow you out in the best way.

hope your day is peaceful and relaxing! much love~


  1. When I am stressed I sometimes can't get into the way a class goes either. I find myself pulling away from yoga when I need it the most...which is ironic. However, I believe yoga should never feel forced. Sometimes the silence and personal "quiet" you find in your own practice is all you need. Or of course, the right teacher.



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