happy birthday m.o.m.!

today is the glorious anniversary of the day one of the most beautiful women in the world was born! my mother.

oh geez, i love this lady perhaps more than anybody. she's the creator of incredible things- amazing paintings, laughter, yummy foods, kindness, and the creator of ME!

her most recent painting, i adore. 
'late afternoon light on poppies.'

mama, i admire you SO much. your open mindedness, silliness, patience, sweetness are virtues i constantly strive for.

though we can't be together today, i know our hearts are hugging right now. and being apart makes me realize how i don't want to be apart on your day of birth ever again! 

mummy as a young girl

thank you maother for coming into this world and sharing your delightful vision of peace and happiness with us all. we are each better humans in your presence.

happy happy birthday to the world's number one mom!! eeeee!!!!!!!!!


  1. geeeezzzz Hayley...your mummy sounds like a real crusher! No project too demanding for this lady of creation ugh? She takes after my great aunt's daughter Madam superfly..i use to affectionately call her until she vanished..never to be heard from again. Everyone needs a life giving someone like the sounds of that. don't they? Well as for me I'm headed up to NV tonight for a shoot in a town by the name of clumpitsville. Directing this one. Credits will be coming out soon so hang on to your hats..this ones going A-wall before the end of the year...let me tell you its a shark. Except a lot of ''distrubed press'' about this flick. Anyway, old friend, good to the hear those vibes about your human connections. The best is yet to come around! PS it won't hurt to start stocking up on peroxide and gluten while you still have a chance! (i'm sure you know about ''the gluten'' scam)

  2. I LOVE OUR MOM!! What a beauty! Lovely post sissy!! Love these pictures.



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