running revelations

ahh running, and yoga of course, soothe my soul. so many ideas and realization are born on my morning journey into the mountains.

today got me thinking... why not share ME? why not let go of the fear of sharing myself? and feel simply free to be me?

no need to sensor, or second guess who we are. if we've built a trust in ourselves that we can make the right choices and have good intentions, there really is nothing to worry about. all will follow as it should.

i really enjoy the quote by einstein: 'once we accept our limits we go beyond them.' i used to fight myself, and wish for qualities that i just don't have or need. but why? i can't be everything or be exactly like every person i admire. we each have conditions to our existence. but the magical thing is, once we accept ourselves we really can do anything! and create things with our own individual touch that no one else has.

accepting myself is key. my shyness at times, my nervous energy, my desire to make everyone happy, my self consciousness: these are the qualities i want to hide from the world. but why? are they really such terrible traits? no, they're not. they make up me, and i can't deny i have mad love for myself. so i accept them, and move on. and make room for other traits to grow, the parts of myself i'm so proud of. my creativity, kindness, silliness, determination, easy going nature wouldn't not exist without those parts of myself i call my limits. so it's all good isn't it?!

once we accept ourselves and give in to our nature, we inspire others to do the same. something i realize i strive for continuously is to make sure others feel comfortable around me.  i want people to feel like they can let go and truly be myself in my presence. funny thing is, this can only be possible if i first allow myself to be me! and be all of me, not hiding those things i find undesirable. then from here can we really live fully and happily.

i truly want us all to have fun with this life, and share ourselves freely. never holding back our true selves in exchange for some sort of fake image. life is an experiment, a game of exploration and creativity; and it's going to take all the qualities we've got to maintain peace and joy.

so today i'm remember... we are all so perfect and precious AS IS. enjoy yourself right here right now!



  1. Hi Hayley,
    Acceptance is so beautiful, what a lovely post. I'm very pleased to see that you have a great place to stay. Been reading your blog for a while but I've been too shy to comment. Keep enjoying yourself!

  2. i am so inspired by you, your gorgeous work, and your beautiful life. i hope this finds you well!



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