this week has been so busy!!! AH! but in a happy way, it feels great to have good stuff to have to show up for, ya know what i mean?

patrick, liam, and i just took a lil break for a hike in the woods. always a good time with my 2 clown guys ;). 

i haven't had that much time to practice yoga this week, or at least as much yoga as i would like. sometimes you just can't get that hour long session in. totally fine, i'm realizing. 5 minutes on some days is enough, and it's not like my yoga is going anywhere! it's always there waiting for you. running has kinda taken over for my go to exercise this week, and it brings me such a similar meditation. but yoga, i miss you, and plan on doing you for 1 hour tomorrow!

the sky is so blue 'round here. just lovely!

he's always right there!

pat and i being silly!

i don't normally post these kinds of pictures, and honestly, when others post them sometimes i'm just like ughh gag. we know you're in love! enough! but c'mon this pic is so cute isn't it?! and my hair looks awesome, right?!

down dog. sometimes it's all there's time for, and it's just perfect.

hope your week has been beautious! back to work... :)


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