this has been an ongoing joke between patrick and i for a while. when i have my first runway show for purusha people, at the end, i would come out like this. wouldn't you expect a really polished, stylish, fit, healthy, confident looking person? and some cool music playing? ha, what a funny surprise to have me come out dressed in the awful clothes i work in, head hung, all awkward, with 'short people' by randy rewman playing! oh god! i might be alone here, but i find this to be hilarious.

i love laughing and silliness, so much. hope your weekend is full of it! xo


  1. Too funny! And I'm sporting my new purusha pants today, sooo comfy!

  2. sam,

    i kinda love you :) you are the sweetest for always commenting on my blogs and for all your nice words! i am SO appreciative, and feel a kindred spirit with you love :). thank you! i am so happy you are enjoying your pants too! makes my day! hope you have a lovely merry weekend! xo xo




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