happy birthday patrick!

just look at him, how couldn't you love him?! here he is attempting dancer pose.

patrick really is the perfect man. i am SO lucky to call him my friend and my life partner.

pat has got it goin' on! he's cute, handsome, ridiculously smart, kind, compassionate, and best of all (i think) hilariously funny. the above photos are patrick parodying me and my yoga poses below. :)

and below you shall see patrick poking fun at cliches again. man, i love it! i wanted to make a "cool" video of me enjoying the california wilderness, and pat was like... uh, can i make one like that too? it's perfect.

patrick, you know it already 'cause i tell you at least 5 times a day, but, i love you with all my heart! the day you were born my soul was made complete. you are everything i ever imagined in a mate for myself, plus so much more, so much i never knew i even needed. i am able to be the best me because of you. thank you! i'm inspired infinitely by your bravery, determination, curiosity for life, your silliness, and your love of honesty and truth. baby pat, i am eternally grateful for your beautiful mind, heart, and body. you really are my angel guy, patrick allers. i think i told you on the first birthday card i made you, that your heart has a forever home in mine. and there's a hammock in there. so get comfy, because this heart isn't going anywhere.

oh happy day patreek!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. hey hayley, i just love your blog! :) i can't remember if i've commented before... i contacted you first through your etsy about the peony mandala hoodie (which i'm still daydreaming about, sigh). there is so much warmth and love here, it's a very nice internet space you've created.

    patrick's video is so silly! happy birthday to him!



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