a home waits for us...

the drive from big bear to LA

with 2 weeks left here in our sweet big bear sanctuary, i am beginning the search for our next home. we truly LOVE it up here, as you know; but it's just too far from our friends, from the LA yoga scene (which i feel is calling me to participate), and (big deal breaker! no joke!) there is no trader joe's. haha we need trader joe's. for real.

so the hunt begins. after staying up here we now feel like we really need land and natural beauty and a bit of privacy. BUT we'd like to be somewhat close to happening things. so we're still looking around ojai, and also recently, seriously contemplating topanga canyon area. it's not as hot as ojai in the summer, and real close to santa monica. it would really be ideal! we'll probably take a drive over there this weekend or next...

please send us your positive thoughts that we'll find the right place to live! it's been quite the struggle with our last crazy place, so to balance that out, i believe there's got to be a happy home waiting for us.

umm yeah. i forgot to post this picture yesterday. how odd is it?! patrick's birthday week goes on! hehe. gotta love it!

talk soon! thanks for reading, as always. xo.


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