wild donkeys.

did you know there were such a thing?! i didn't! but they're real, and they roam around big bear city! the donkeys used to be domestic, and somehow have become wild over time. and i think they're pretty cool.

patrick, liam, and i spotted some on our walk, and boy, was i wishing i had brought some carrots or something to lure them over! the donkeys are so cute!

i held liam back while patrick went over to them. they let him get pretty close, but kept grouping together and running a bit when he got too close. and me? i talked to them in my baby voice, the same way i talk to liam. like, "hi you cute little guys!!!", or "you guys wanna come over and play?", or "i sure love you donkey boys!". patrick is like... what are you doing crazy woman? but, i thought, if it works for liam maybe it would work for them? seems they aren't domestic enough anymore. oh well, gave it my best shot!

after that patrick decided to just full out chase the donkeys. people are really slow at sprinting compared to animals. after they outran pat, he just kept saying, "i coulda easily speared them by now if i wanted to". haha. i know you could've patrick.

happy evening to you!


  1. That is the neatest thing! I used to work in large animal nutrition, makes me miss the big 4 hooves pals!



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