a perfect circle.

honestly, there is nothing as satisfying as working hard at something you love and believe in. no, things aren't perfect and sometimes i just don't "feel" like it... but it is ALWAYS worth the gratification. it's definitely not instant, but once i'm in the swing of creating beautiful things for beautiful people, a gradual and peaceful content-ness swallows me up. and i am whole, doing what i trust will take me to magical places in my one sweet lifetime. i am SO lucky to create, to share my passion, and have people ACTUALLY like what i make too! and then to have my creations inspire others to create, so that they can inspire me once more. it's totally full circle, and that right there is just perfect.


  1. high five girl!!!!!! all looks amazing!! loving the butterfly

  2. Your clothes are looking sooo beautiful!!! Wowzers. I need something new ;)

    Can't wait to try some stuff on! COME UP TO SB SOON!

    love, your lil sis.

  3. I hear your in the LA area lady. I couldn't believe the rumors that the famous designer is near, but it seems to be true! Lets party soon, west coast style. Blogs looking real good. Matter of fact, you be looking real good :)
    Be well yogi goodess. See ya when I see ya. Maybe we can meet up in Malibu or S. Monica. I'll show ya around. <3



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