a few quick updates.

hi! how are you?

this weekend was shitty/fantastic. hehe. patrick, liam, and i had plans on saturday to drive to topanga canyon and look at an apartment! but our car had some problems so we had to get towed to redlands, and pretty much spent the day waiting for our brakes to get fixed.

i laid in a parking lot most of the day gazing into this tree. pretty, isn't it?

we took waaay too much pleasure from putting sunglasses on liam. that helped pass the time.

the drive from big bear to redlands though is pretty freakin gorgeous. you gotta be careful not to drive off the mountain taking in the scenery! our saturday was made better when we found a jerky shop that is over 100 years old at the bottom of bear mountain. best jerky i've ever had!

in other news, i can no longer drive on the highway. especially in LA. i sweat all over, puddles coming out of my hands. ergh. what has happened to me? i had to pull over and have patrick drive. pat thinks i need to face my fears and keep driving, but it doesn't seem to get any better the more i do it. i just get so tense surrounded by cars going 70 miles an hour. it almost seems surreal... oh well. what can i do?

so we attempted to head to topanga canyon again sunday, and it was much more successful! topanga is so beautiful and intimate and home like. it's just outside of santa monica; and loaded with artists, musicians, yogis, cool people. i walked into cafe mimosa and asked around where to look for rentals and met a few people already. everyone was so nice and welcoming. i feel like i could love it here.

we took a lovely hike in the boiling sun. but it was really joyous. can dogs get heat stroke!? haha we turned back 'cause liam seemed sooo hot!

the little bungalow apartment we looked at was precious... and guess what?! 

we're movin' in! we're moving to topanga canyon next week! can you believe it?!

so we're feeling good. and enjoying our beautiful time left here in big bear.

now i'm off to go dye some clothes. life is awesome!

oh yeah, a butterfly landed on patrick in topanga! i think he's gonna be loved here :) .



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