when you feel a little off.

today i woke up not feeling 100% awesome. little sore throat, nauseous vibrations. but not bad enough to lay in bed all day or anything like that.

my latest morning routine has been drinking apple cider vinegar, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice (or lemon juice), with warm water. today, i went for the usual, and pretty much gagged that stuff down. so i thought hmmm.. that's not good! i got on my yoga mat and felt so tired and weird. i did a little yoga, then met up with kiyoe for our morning run. you know when you're not sure if the exercise will help or hurt? i decided it would help. and... it did! the fresh mountain air, the joyful and easy conversation with my friend, yes- it surely helped! and sweet kiyoe brought over some vitamins for me- acai, bee pollen, vitamin C, some antioxidant green tea- so now i'm really making a full recovery. and it helps i'm typing this in bed with liam ;) .

sometimes all you need is an extra little push, some fresh air and sunshine, a friend, and some doggie cuddles and you are back to 100%. yay. :) !

 in love with this photo of my friend noelle <3 it makes me feel better too!


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