5 random shapes.

view from near my house.

this morning i took a perfect yoga class with the lovely and wonderous ashley albrand!  it's so great 'cause we live only 5 minutes away, and ashley lives on this beautiful magical space in topanga. the class is outside under an anthropolgie-esque (they wish they could shoot at a place this glorious!) open air vintage homemade building. and it was right on the dirt. what a way to slow down and get grounded in the morning. if you live in the topanga area please come visit this space! it really is a healing happy atmosphere.

so ashley mentioned this morning that the shapes in yoga are not just confined to the mat. this really resonated with me. the shapes, or asanas, happen all day long. whether you are washing dishes, typing on the computer, cleaning the house, making food, each moment is an opportunity to settle into and surrender to the shape. each breath is a gift and a new chance to connect with the innate spirit within us all. what a joy!

shapes i'm taking today: 

1. surrender on and off the mat. reminded of this from the class this morning.

 photo 1: pink rayon, metallic spandex, bamboo blend, organic cotton spandex.
photo 2:  nylon sweat wicking polka dots!, organic cotton spandex in blues.
photo 3: metallic mermaid multi colored spandex, striped viscose, peach bamboo, gold patterned nylon.

2. sewing.

i got these fantastic fabrics at the fashion district!! aren't they incredible?! i love walking into fabric, craft, or vintage stores and just looking at and imagining what could be. i'm using all the above fabrics for pants, leggings, tanks, and tees! yippee!

3. a question for you.

what colors/prints/styles of clothing would you like to see in purusha's summer/fall 2012 line? you all mean SOOO much to me, so i would like your ideas and input! oh please!

4. reverence for insects and their place in the universe. especially spiders.

there are a TON of spiders in our house. at first i kinda was freaked and wanted those little buggers killed! but after a little research i am now beginning to feel really comfy with these little guys. i don't want them crawling on me (and they don't want that either!), but i respect them and don't mind them living in our house. they kill annoying flies and gnats, and some of them are REALLY cute. like this baby above. he's a daring jumping spider. we have one walking around our house. we named him michael jordan, 'cause he jumps! i'm always like "michael jordan, get out here and do your job. there are flies." hehe. michael will look at you. he turns his head and stares into your eyes with his 8 great big beautiful green eyes. i just love him.

5. slow down.

this is my final shape, my most important thought for the day again inspired by ashley's class this morn. slowing down is evolutionarily beneficial for us. it makes us healthier, helps us make wiser choices, and allows us to get tasks done with more brilliance and clarity. there is no need to rush through our daily activities. slowly slowly is the way to move and to get things finished. with patience and trust in time to take care of what we need, we can stay here in this moment peacefully and with awareness. we are safe here, melting into the moment with every breath.

randomness thoughts here for sure, but this what life is all about. a collage of shapes of all sorts!

namaste my friends.



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