my life this week.

i discovered the jackpot of all trails right near my house. just a half a mile away there's an entrance to sooo many lovely trails! they are endless and gorgeous, with sweeping views of calabasas and all of topanga! having this haven to run to is heavenly. i am in love with topanga even more!

the mornings here have been very misty, but clear up around midday.

and i finally got a new pair of vibrams!! little girls vibrams. they look like shoes for a small child. my other pair had holes and my big toe would keep popping out. when they were so beat i started running in my pumas, like my normal walking shoes. ugh. glad to have the five fingers back!

our house is coming along! 

the only area that needs work is my purusha area. it's kinda a disaster. i plan on fixing it up this weekend and making it all organized and cool! i'll show it to you when its done!

i spend A LOT of time cuddling and kissing this guy.

wearing the dress my mama made me a few years ago. cute right?!

hope you have a marvelous weekend!! lots of love to you!


  1. Lovin' it. You look so content and peaceful. <3


  2. The dress suits Topanga!!

    Looks great sis. Looking forward to hitting those trails with ya!

    xoxo. lil.



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