these guys.

i mean, c'mon! look at this dude in the plaid shirt! how cool is he?!

liam is hilarious. and such a nice friend. patrick, liam, and i, we are all so in love. with life, with running, with each other. patrick just got some new vibrams, so now we are all running together barefoot. yeeee! :)

now we are tired and getting ready for bed. everything is pretty fun and awesome 'round here today, and well most days!

good night! 


  1. Hayley, my son is working at Macy's in the women's footwear department. He works on commission so going this morning to purchase some shoes. Are those comfortable for everyday? Was thinking about getting a pair. Would those be good for walking?

  2. Hi mish! I would recommend them to everyone :) they are the best!



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