a challenge

good morning!

today, i am inspired. i just read the latest post from one of my favorite blogs 'oh she glows'. i clicked the link, expecting one of angela's usual awesome recipes, but found FEAR instead. when i first saw that word, and then the title, 'august challenge', i actually felt really afraid! AH! i don't wanna face my fears! to me, that means i have to. i don't want to face fears, there's this obvious internal struggle, so i must work on this.

angela's challenge for anyone who wants to participate is to face one fear everyday. oy. sounds scary, but i'll say, also a teensy bit empowering! getting comfortable and building a predictable routine in my life gives me a sense of security, but what if my day was shook up a bit? would i still feel so complacent? no way. i think i would feel freedom, adrenaline, yep fear, but also a confidence beyond what i'm experiencing right now. there is ALWAYS so much more space for growth, to become more yourself. it's a neverending journey and there's no destination. just always moving up up up, down sometimes, and all around. staying still, staying always in the comfort zone, seems like a slow death that we barely saw coming...

the challenge includes writing in a journal what you do each day that scares you. the fears can be little or big. doesn't matter. today i already have a fear to face, ugh... it probably sounds silly to those of you who've been through a lot doctor-wise (surgery, pregnancy, disease, etc), but today i'm going to a new doctor for my annual ob-gyn appointment. i think a big point in this challenge is, each of our fears are very different, and that doesn't matter. what matters is looking that fear in the eye today, no matter how petty others may think it is. i realize going to the ob-gyn for a checkup is no biggie, and i am so lucky i can even go and that i'm healthy. but the irrational part of me, the fear creator, is whispering... ooh that pap smear pinches doesn't it, and what if they find something, some lump, and what if the pap comes back abnormal... and driving through LA is scary... EEK! stop voices! tell me something good!

the thing about fear that rocks if the feeling after you do what you gotta do. pure incomparable bliss. there's nothing like it. the endorphins flood the brain, and just WOW! so worth it.

angela posted this quote, and i'm in love with it:

“Don’t be afraid of your fears. They’re not there to scare you. They’re there to let you know that something is worth it.”

― C. JoyBell C.

wanna face the fears with me? xo.


  1. i'm doing it too!!! i love her blog so very much. most of my fears revolve around an eating disorder, and after seeing the challenge post, i read her "before and after" page which goes into some detail about her history with food & an eating disorder as well... it gave me so much relief and encouragement. wishing you the best august. shel



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