the past couple mornings i've been listening to this hypnosis... self esteem and calming exercises mainly. for 30 minutes i just lay there and listen and try not to think of anything else but the positive words being spoken. yesterday was easy and i sank deeply into relaxation. i came out feeling cleansed, happy, and confident about my life. i felt more in the moment throughout my day. today though, for some reason, my mind kept going elsewhere. but the big thing is, i noticed. that's huge. i mean, so what if sometimes the mind is thinking about lots of things? it's what the mind does. you just have to be aware of it and keep trying to bring the mind back to the moment. not everyday is the same, i am not a robot. in a way, it's a greater advancement in meditation to have lots of thoughts and to keep bringing yourself back. it teaches you how to be gentle with yourself and how to simply notice where you're at. as long as we keep practicing everyday, it's all good. it's all good my friends.


  1. My wonderful friend. you're spot on with the mind thing. i've written some of my best work while skipping along from one thought to another. the trick is HAYLEY to be quiet and don't tell everyone about your ideares, because, like I discovered back when I was still working at the laundromat, people are needy. Anyway, wrote a short screen play about that and got my foot in the acting door, Hayley. Bet you didn't know that about my earlier days. Not many people do. Its been all up hill from there, but look at me now.
    So good old pal, I see that you are not using a dryer any more. Nothing like hanging things out things to dry by wind power, Hayley. i WAS WONDERING what those white slacks there in the middle. It looks like lattice work on the waistband. I'll have my assistant put in an order for those beauties. Could you make me, for my friend, not me, one in a hue of a Belgium mustard color? You know Hayley, like the color of an old barn door, once painted gold that has been baked by the sun....I think you get what I'm looking for.
    Must be on the run. Time to get out the activity books, as i call it, do a few inverted headstands, and take down a few energy wafers before practice. Oh and don't forget what I told you. To live is to gain, to stop is to stay, to be kind to your mind is the best!

  2. Oh Gosling!
    Love you sis! Keep on keeping it real!



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