hi! me again, in my favorite purusha people blue pants. :)

so as a lot of you know, i'm {finally!} expanding a bit. woohoo! hiring a seamstress to help me out, and probably a pattern maker. this is all very exciting to me!

thinking about having clothing made, without me doing 100% of the work like right now, is freakin' incredible. it feels like such a blessing. i'm happy to be building relationships with other talented people, and creating the purusha people team and family. i feel calm and confident about the direction of my business, and know i'm doing the right thing by taking it little by little. ha, laugh if you will, but i've watched A LOT of the shows 'shark tank' and 'dragon's den'. there is always sooo much to learn about how to run a business. i am such a novice, but i also believe my naivety can work for me. i'm super optimistic, and trying to just stay in the moment so i don't worry about the future and the workload that awaits! but for sure i have my moments of fear, laziness, worry, intimidation... it's all part of the game of life though, isn't it?

at the end of the day, being who i am, born with these amazing opportunities, i am so fortunate. it's not even fair. as much as i get frustrated from time to time with america {the "wars" we're in, the constant disagreements between political parties, the amount of poverty and poor education that is becoming more widespread}, i know i've been dealt a pretty good hand in life. and i do owe it to america- my freedom to start a business as a woman, my awesome education, my safe car, my loving parents and sister, my supportive boyfriend, the library, my friends that always encourage me, etc a million times over- this all makes me who i am. as my business blossoms, i will never look at is as something only i built. i'm part of a team and proud of it! i believe purusha people will become a powerfully positive business in the united states, and i am honored to give back to the country that's given me so much. it will be beautiful!



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