good afternoon! how are you?

i'm good, i actually feel really nice and balanced. since last thursday, patrick, liam, and i have been all eating healthier than before. not that we were unhealthy by any means, but i definitely felt like i was overdoing it on the sweets and breads. the plan is now- more veggies, more protein, less empty carbs and sugars, and less grains. so pretty similar to the paleo diet. i hate calling anything a "diet" because dieting sucks, so it's more like a lifestyle change... a change we plan on sticking with. it feels really great so far!! i feel lighter with a steady energy rather than ups and downs.

this little clip above really made sense to me. it seems so much more efficient to burn fats rather than carbs, where you have to bring insulin into the mix. plus, you burn fat if you don't have to burn carbs first! very interesting!

i don't want any of you to think i think i'm fat, k? i know i'm relatively healthy, just feel like it's fun to try something different. why not? patrick and i took some 'before' photos of ourselves. haha they are hilarious. i will be showing them in about a month or so after we have the 'after' photos (no way will we release the befores yet!! aah!).

so that's what's going on with me. working as usual, eating well, AND preparing for a purusha photo shoot next week! it will be with some gorgeous gals and it features purusha's spring/summer 2013 line. YES! i can't wait.

oh yeah, photos at the beginning of the post are our meals today! morning smoothie: banana, mango, goat yogurt, local honey, greens powder, psyllium husk, raw sprouted veggie protein powder, water, and lavender. lunch salad: baby spinach, cucumber, avocado, goat gouda, heirloom tomato, seaweed, chick peas, nutritional yeast, lemon, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar! so good!

talk soon my dears! have a lovely day :).


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