my cool lil sis.

my sister kate inspires me. so much. she's amazing!! this weekend i had the honor of accompanying her to her 4th marathon, in long beach. we lounged around in our beautiful hotel room the day before, chatting and laughing, and watching kate get all her things ready for the race the next morning. she was so cute, lining up her goos and laying out her singlet with her bib pinned on it ever so perfectly. we talked about our lives, our loves, our dreams... and i fully believe my little sister has what it takes to make her dreams come true. her running is incredible!!! her seriousness and dedication to it is truly awesome. 

the next morning kate got up at 6 and headed to run 26.2 miles!! AH!!! i woke up a little later ( ;) ) and did some yoga and dedicated my practice to her run... that it could be fun, and playful, and worth every moment. the race started at 7, and i went to meet my sis at the finish line at 10. holy cow right, to be done running 26.2 miles in 3 hours?! i can't even imagine. when i got to the finish line i was already tearing up and erupting with excitement. seeing all the accomplished athletes finish their race, with so much courage and discipline, was so freakin cool. about 10 minutes after getting to the finish line, the announcer said "here comes kate elliott!", oh man, i shouted her name and yelled "GO SISTER!!!" and obviously cried some more. it was soooo beautiful!!! kate looked so strong, so fierce, so healthy. oh yeah, and she was wearing her purusha rocker girl shorts and looking fantastic in them! we found each other in the crowd shortly after and just lounged in the shade for a bit... and discussed how kate MUST follow the road her running is taking her on. she is too good not to. 

AND, kate finished 1st in her age group, 5th out of all women, and 51st out of all runners in the marathon, with a time of 3:12!!!! what?!!?! HOW?! haha! i am so proud to be her big little sis. we met up with kate's sweet friend jill and her husband for a moment, and jill finished 3rd out of all women! so exciting!! santa barbara runners are pretty amazing aren't they?!

sister, i sure look up to you. keep it up! we are all so excited to watch what you will do with your beautiful life! i love you!


  1. Wow, Kate is amazing! Congratulations!

  2. Oh my beautiful and Amazingly talented daughters! you two are the sunshine in my life. how did I get so blessed??

  3. Kate loves running.October 9, 2012 at 8:50 AM

    SISTER!! Yours SOO SWEET!! AWW you make my heart melt. Thanks again for all the love and support you showed me all weekend long. How special it was for me to share this experience with you. You are the greatest sis a gal could ask for :)

    Couldn't have done it without ya! What a great weekend we had! Loved that hotel. Lets make it happen again sometime! I'll keep training to win ;)

    I'll call ya later. Wanna hear about yesterday. xoxox

  4. Ladies - your Dad shared the pics, results and blog. You both are amazing! He and your Mom talk about you both all the time with such joy and love. You truly mean the world to them and it's obvious why they are so proud! Go girls!



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