2013 promises.

happy last day of 2012!

this year has been really equally challenging and rewarding. a lot of shit happened, a lot of exciting stuff happened, i moved cross country, baby purusha is beginning to walk... my internal quest to love myself has deepened, yet i am still 100% aware that there will always be more to learn and more space to grow. the journey never stops!

last night i really hurt my shoulder doing push-ups. so this morning i had kind of a really nice mellow yoga practice and meditation, though slightly painful in certain positions! ouch! really makes you appreciate your usual lack of pain.

anyways, i made some resolutions, i put my intentions for 2013 out into the atmosphere. 2013 has the potential to hold all my dreams in its hands if i put my half of the work in. the universe, luck, time, love... these pieces make up the other half.

here are my promises for 2013:

1. more gratitude. whenever i feel a little down, insecure, afraid... i just remember how much goodness i have. my boys, my happy home, my health, my family. it's more than enough.

2. more laughter. stressful times, scary experiences, intimidating scenarios call for silliness. just laugh it off. life is like a lucid dream. i can decide to make fun of a situation and let it go.

3. more harmony. to me, this equals a rich life. balancing out work and play, friends and alone time, sweets and healthy food, time on the internet and time away from the cyber world. just seeking out the middle ground constantly and finding peace there.

4. more going after. just going for it, go get it hayley. opportunities and success are here now waiting for me if only i find the courage to try. in 2013 i want more going after all that gives me that heart thumping/should i or shouldn't i?!/this is scary!! feeling. it is so worth it.

5. more healthy foods. the past few nights i've had dreams about animals. i dreamt i was hiking with a pack of wild dogs last night. another dream last night was all my teeth were loose and falling out one by one. the night before i dreamt i caught a fish and cut its head off and ate it. i felt sad for the fish, but i could go through with the death so i have life process. i've made the decision to return to vegetarianism. i've already been back for the past week or so, and i feel really secure about it. no more guilty feelings. 2013 i'd like to continue eating plenty of vegetables, fish, fruits, and a little chocolate here and there (ok, let me be serious, a lot of chocolate. lol).

and that's it. i've sent these intentions out into the world, and i'm ready to work for them.

i've been digging this song. i pretend norah is singing these words to me :

happy new year to you my beloved reader! thank you with all my heart for taking the time to check out my posts in 2012. i am so grateful. may your last evening of 2012 wrap up all your successes and happiness and carry them tenfold into 2013. namaste.


  1. That is wonderful! I myself have new opportunities coming in 2013 and am very excited to see where the universe will take me in this upcoming year. Best to you!
    Sunshine & Dragonflies,



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