recently. it's been the same. and i love it.

it's been mostly a lot of purusha, topanga sunshine, exercise, delicious meals with my man, and my favorite part of the day- relaxing in bed with puppos and patrick. seriously, i wake up in the morning and say to these two, "i can't wait for the damn day to be over so i can be back in my favorite place, going to sleep with the people (liam?) i love." not that i don't love my damn days, haha, because i well know that if i didn't bust my ass all the time in the daylight i wouldn't really love the night as much as i do. it's my reward. and it's a good one. the end of the day, eating dinner by candlelight and watching some goofy comedy, followed by reading and cuddling... it doesn't get much better. this weekend patrick and i drank wine, watched 'to catch a predator' clips on youtube (and debated immensely the integrity of the show and how we kinda feel bad for the guys. and then we would laugh at chris hansen saying dirty things.), and went out to eat down the road at the inn of the seventh ray. HEAVEN. let me tell you, my heaven right there. aaah. i want to do it all again after a long week of work. heheh! i love my life. :) sending that love to YOU right now! xo.


  1. That sounds amazing. As weird as it is to say, I'm super jealous of your life. I've been a long time Purusha admirer (and humble owner of two beautiful shirts!) but just started reading your blog. You fill me with so much inspiration and excitement for life. Thank you!



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