hi friends! how are you?

today i want to tell you about stitches, sewing stitches.

recently at purusha we've had some issues with nylon pants seams coming undone. ugh. (if your pants EVER have issues, please let me know! we will repair them anytime for free!). nadya and i had a LONG talk the other day about seams. basically, serger seams are decent for most clothing, but every once in a while a pair of pants has defective seams. this is not ok. serger seams look like this :

this type of seam is in pretty much all clothing. check the shirt you are wearing in the inside. it's a fine seam for most clothing. but active wear/yoga pants are in its own category. you need something SUPER durable. ESPECIALLY if you are paying $100 for pants!!

this photo above is a flatlock seam. nadya and i agreed we need to buy a machine that does this. it is absolutely perfect for yoga clothing!! this seam looks the same on the inside of the garment and the outside. so we are excited!! always bettering the product!

the problem for now is nadya does not have enough space in her apartment for another machine. we only use industrial machines, and these babies are huge. they come with a giant table attached. lol. i asked nadya, "so can we buy the machine without a table? or a smaller table?" ha and nayda said, "NO. you need a big table to move around on and place the garment on." i followed her around the sewing machine store like an idiot, having no clue what brand to pick, what machine to pick out of the 100's of machines. i am SO grateful i have an amazing seamstress that knows more than me. you guys, nadya is awesome. she really takes pride in her work and it makes me so happy.

anyways, this talk of buying the 5 thread overlock machine got us talking more about space. soon purusha will need to move to its own location. this is exciting and scary at the same time! i've always worked out of my house, but the thought of working somewhere else is really thrilling. and it won't be any old place, it will be MY place. my place to make happy and safe for us all. we're beginning to look into finding a space to rent so i can hire another seamstress and have room to put a bunch of machines. oh my gosh, it purusha becoming, like, a real business?! AH!!!!!

but back to the present. everything good takes time, and there is no rush right now. until we have the space for the new machines, this is our plan to secure the serged seams. (a lot of our cotton spandex pants do have cover stitch on top already, but it's difficult on nylon fabrics). any seam that is sewn with the overlock (serger) will also have a cover stich or zig zag stitch on top, or a single needle stitch through the serged hem. like this :

or this :

zig zag on top of the seams!

and i'm just including the above photo to show what a cover stitch seam looks like. this is already on our cotton spandex pants.

so that's that! i want to say again that if you have any purusha pants that have had seam issues, please let us fix them! it would be our pleasure :). i'm just really happy we are making purusha even better!

sorry if this post bored the hell out of you. haha! but i just want you to know about our passion for high quality stitches, the backbone of our products! much love! xo.


  1. your products are all so beautiful. bravo for your dedication to both quality and style!



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