it's the birthday boy!

oh my gosh, i just LOVE this boy. liam owns my heart. i can't believe he is 8 today, 8 years of absolute beautiful and easy complete love with him. i feel so lucky this doggie is ours! patrick and i were holding liam close last night before bed, noticing all of his little battle scars to prove his age. worn out elbows, rough skin on the paws, little fatty cyst lumps here and there, and of course his ever fading vision. but liam still contains all the joy and enthusiasm of a 6 month year old puppy. and with his age, liam has just grown so much more kind, selfless, compassionate, emotional, intuitive, and just all around sweet. sometimes i call him my little monk, he's just such a GOOD guy. with liam's vision going slowly from his PRA, i am amazed at how well he adapts and is as happy as ever. without full eye sight, liam can sense our body language more than before, recognizes tones in voice, knows hundreds of words (and learns new ones everyday!), can recognize the sound of the volvo coming home from about 1/2 a mile away, and just gets bonded to us more each year.  liam is the closest thing i've ever had to a son, and honestly i couldn't be more proud to call him that. he truly is an angel. my 8 year old angel boy. here's to at least 8 more birthdays with my bunny boy. happy birthday liam!!!

p.s. today's birthday plans! : we just went on a run (see above photo!). next we're going to the beach, petco for a new bone and frozen yogurt, and all day long liam will be eating his favorite meals! oatmeal and fruit, chicken and veggies, and hot dogs and salad for dinner! so fun! :)



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